Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories: Courses offered at IIM Ahmedabad 1

Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories

It's a tale from the students about CAT and IIMA. I shall be bringing in success stories from different students, their focused CAT preparation strategies. Also, posts will be there on the life and culture at IIMA, that you may be keen to know. It's an insider's view!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Courses offered at IIM Ahmedabad 1

Hi all,
I received queries on the courses offered at IIM Ahmedabad. I'll give you the course list in this blog, term-wise. First year courses are quite structured and all compulsory. I'll concentrate my discussion on first year courses mainly. Second year courses I'll discuss sometime later.

First Year
Term 1: It's the toughest term and fortunes are made or broken here only.
  1. MAC: Managerial Accountancy - starts mainly with credit-debit, balance sheet and income statement, etc. Also called MANAC, and is one of the terror courses here. It's also flooded with quizzes (6-8).
  2. QM I: Quantitative Management I - Mainly LP, integer progamming, transportation problem, etc.
  3. OM I: Operational Management I - Another terror! Mainly deals with mathematical part of operations - cycle time, lead time, etc. You have to read Goldratt's The Goal in this course. Quite interesting actually but the evaluation is quite tough.
  4. EA: Economic Analysis - mainly microeconomics - supply-demand, ISLM, etc. Quite an interesting course to the uninitiated.
  5. IC: Introduction to Computers - Starts with excel and ends with VB covering excel and access. A terror to the non-IT poor chaps! It's also flooded with quizzes but not like MAC.
  6. HRM: Human Resource Management - Soft course. I never understood utility of studying HRM, personally speaking.
  7. WAC: Written Analysis & Communication - Teaches you to write business reports. WAC format is quite interesting! But becomes stale after writing one or two reports. WAC-run is quite an amusement to the tuchhas :).
  8. ID: Organization Behaviour - Another soft course but good! It's very interactive and we had fun doing it!
Term 2: Seems easier when you are through with flying colours in the first term!
  1. MAC 2: Again accountancy but kind of qualitative with stress on interpretation of the various ratios and managerial implications thereof. A very very good course indeed! But, again the quiz menace - that makes it tough!
  2. FIN 1: Now starts the most interesting subject of all - the FINANCE. Half of the junta come here to acquire this knowledge only. Finance faculty here is one of the best in India. If you haven't been to Prof Ajay Pandey's class you're really missing something!
  3. EEP1: Economic Environment and Policy: The macroeconomics starts! I found it interesting. GDP-PPP-Indian economy, monetary policy, fiscal crunch - all in a nutshell very good!
  4. QM 2: Another QM - this one deals with probability and it's good.
  5. MARKETING 1: The other half junta come here to study this course. Starts with basics of marketing through cases - good course! Again, if you haven't been to Prof Jain's class you've missed everything! He's probably the best! Be prepared to do a lot of marketing assignments and group meetings!
  6. OD: Another organizational behaviour course. Soft course!
Term 3: Again a bit tough!
  1. FIN 2: Now comes the finance for the I-bankers - FIN2! Great course! But no manac this term - so you have become a mini-CA by 6 months of coming here. Indeed, many non-CAs score more than CAs in MANAC & FIN - that's the beauty of this place.
  2. QM 3: This one deals with hard-core statistics - parametric and non-parametric. I enjoyed this course. All the chi-sq, t and z-test - I want to do it again!
  3. OM 2: The terror - this one is more managerial in nature. Again a great faculty will take you through this course - if you haven't attended RaviC's classes, you have no right to live! The best of the profs! He has his own fan club. Search RaviC on net, you can get a glimpse of this great man!
  4. MARKETING 2: Full of group meetings and assignments. Had fun doing it!
  5. EEP 2: Macroeconomics again - this time GATT & WTO. I had a great time here. Prof Morris can talk with you for hours on the subject.
  6. WAC 2: Now company reports! Again useful initially - once you get know how to write becomes very boring!
  7. MIS: Management of Information Systems - for the ERP stuff. Even the non-IT guys do well here. Ends with a project implementation which is quite interesting. Mainly group work here.

So, in a nutshell, this is what first year represents. It encapsulates all aspects of management - you are now jack of all trades. We remember implementing MIS for pan-walas even! The first year courses never give mastery over any said area but offer competence do a multi-dimensional analysis of a single case. One of the best part of pedagogy here is you do the things yourself and learn - management is, in nutshell, common sense and I don't believe books, jargons and models can teach you that.

Keep pouring in your suggestions and mails. I really enjoy reading them.


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Happened to visit your blog recently...& i wouls say:"Hats off to you".
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