Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories: VSEDEX crossed 10,000 marks

Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories

It's a tale from the students about CAT and IIMA. I shall be bringing in success stories from different students, their focused CAT preparation strategies. Also, posts will be there on the life and culture at IIMA, that you may be keen to know. It's an insider's view!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

VSEDEX crossed 10,000 marks

Remember I told you about Stock market game by Mitanshu. The equivalent to sensex is VSEDEX there. Now it has 393 active users. Learn more about it in Stock.Gyan.

Keep the catiima forum busy.


Blogger Maxxipe said...

Hey! That's a good news. Even I am nmonitoring this Stock Market game. Right now it is at 10936.451 with 400 users!

3:25 AM  
Anonymous fury said...

ppl there r just opening up multiple accounts so share
prices r varying tremendously..
something needs 2 b done..

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Mitanshu Garg said...

@ fury;

Duplicate accounts are removed once in 60 hours! So you need not to worry! and as the number of active traders will increase, the possibility of moving the market by few multiple accounts will reduce!

So invite more people to play the game!

P.S. : To get immediate replies to your queries, use Forums

11:32 PM  

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