Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories: Which one to choose: TIME or IMS?

Tales of CAT aspirants and IIMA stories

It's a tale from the students about CAT and IIMA. I shall be bringing in success stories from different students, their focused CAT preparation strategies. Also, posts will be there on the life and culture at IIMA, that you may be keen to know. It's an insider's view!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Which one to choose: TIME or IMS?

I recieved a lot of enquiries on TIME vis-a-vis IMS. I mentioned earlier in one of my blogs that majority students come here from TIME. So, I had a few interviews from IIMA students about TIME and IMS. Their honest opinion is in favour of TIME.

TIME is ahead of IMS in terms of:
  • Personal Attention
  • Good faculty
  • SIMCATs similar to actual CAT

At IMS they offer much more advanced stuff absolutely not required for CAT. IMS students felt that they wasted considerable efforts in learning difficult stuff which would never come in CAT.

Materials of TIME are better in a sense that you study more focused. TIME test series package is by far the best. So, suggestion from IIMA students is that Even if you join IMS, you should also practice from TIME test-series package.

Now city-wise variations are there - in some cities IMS coachings are better whereas in some others TIME is ahead. Just enquire from the present students about IMS and TIME, they can give you an idea.

Keep putting in your questions.


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